Why Should Your Prospect Buy the Cow When You’re Giving Away the Milk for Free?


Alex Alexandrou

Are you and your team spending lots of time in strategy sessions providing lots of great advice on the next step for your prospective client. Only to hear “I have to think about it” or if they at least don’t want to waste anymore of your time by ghosting you later they tell you “I’m just not ready” or “I can’t afford it right now”.

It has definitely happened to me and to my team and my clients and their teams.

We are all so passionate about what we do and know the difference we could make to our prospects business, career, health, life etc. with our programs. 

We make our strategy session experience so valuable by offering great suggestions, advice and insights because we want to help and we know we can and we want to show them that we can. The problem with doing this is they take all the great free coaching and consulting we provided in that Strategy Session and think they can do it themselves. Why Buy the Cow I Got the Milk and that’s what I think I need?

When this happens no one benefits or gets ahead. You don’t win the client and get to make a real difference for them and the prospect is now falsely thinking they can fix their own problems – surely they can, because you the expert told them that they could. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that they will ever fix the problems and obtain the benefits, results and bigger outcomes your program provides.

No one gets what they want in the end.

Now you might think, Oh well, they will come back when they are ready and realise they can’t do it by themselves. And you could be right with a whole lot more nurture of course, keeping you in the frame and in their minds as a possible solution. But just as easily all the hard work will be for nothing, because deep down as experienced High Ticket Sales Closers, we know that they rarely do come back so we can close them properly. We had the opportunity and we blew it.

Or….. You can implement these key sales strategies to Stop Giving Away Coaching & Consulting to Undeserving Prospects.

4 Strategies to Stop Giving Away Valuable Coaching & Consulting

1. Believe In You and the Value Of Your Offer and Time

If giving away your coaching and consulting is a problem, I am sure you already believe in what you sell and the results you can get for your prospective clients. To overcome this problem you need to start believing in yourself, and the value of your offer and time. 

If you haven’t done so already calculate these metrics:

Cost Per Strategy Session 

(Ad Spend + Any sales expenses like Sales Comms) / Strategy Session Attendees

Value Per Strategy Session 

Total Cost of Your Program x Sales Conversion Rate

Having a dollar value to apply to you, your offer and your time allows you to more than believe in the worth but understand it’s true value. It is also really powerful to share these metrics with your team so they understand their value and the importance of following the system, processes, strategies and steps provided to successfully increase High Ticket Enrollments.

2. Build Stories Into Your Presentation

Create a list of stories from your experience or of your clients experiences working with you that demonstrate value, address problems or situations that commonly arise for your prospects in your Strategy Sessions i.e. your danger zones for giving away too much. Use these stories instead of deep diving into coaching or consulting. (Side Note Incentive: This list of stories could provide the foundation for lots of compelling content for your blog, social media and other outreach!)

People retain 65 to 70 percent of information shared through stories while only 5 to 10 percent of information is retained through dry presentation of data and statistics.


3. Follow a Proven Step-By-Step Strategy Session Script

Have a script that is designed to demonstrate value but doesn’t give away a ton of free coaching and consulting that gives your prospect the false impression that they could do it without you. A script will help you keep on track and not drive too deep into their problems and situation within a Strategy Session. A script will save you time and provide you the best framework to win the sale. 

4. Give the Why Not the How

In your strategy sessions give the why, not the how. 

To do this uncover their real needs by asking questions to get them talking about their problems, struggles and pains relating to your solution.

When it comes to outlining the solution refer to your program in steps without going into detail on everything involved in each step. Prescribe the solution steps back so it relates to their pains, struggles and needs. As you know, always sell the solution, not the problem. 

Implement these 4 Strategies so you and your team can focus on making a big difference to the businesses, careers, health, life of those that deserve it – your committed clients.

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