The Qualifying Sales Call Script that Can Help You and Your Team Close Over 50% of High Ticket Sales


Alex Alexandrou

Every day, and I mean every day I see so called confident “I’ve heard it all” and “I know it all” sales people in coaching, consulting and agency businesses burn revenue from good leads that they should have closed. They may be converting at around 20% in high ticket sales which gives them the false impression that they are top sales performers. But guess what, they’re not, 20% is below par or average at best. I also hear owners of the business say that they close at a much higher conversion rate than their salesperson or team.

In this article I am going to quickly cover what the consequences are if you continue to avoid or ignore your sales strategy and give you six convincing reasons why you should:

A) qualify your prospect BEFORE the sales call/strategy session and

B) why this NEW script will not only make your life easier but also put you in a position to ultimately increase your high ticket conversions to a number that is well above the industry average of 20%.

Using this script that has been 10 years in development (meaning we have analysed results and made adjustments) I am converting high ticket program enrollments at over 70% and my clients and their sales team at between 40% to 60%.

As the owner of this type of business you either think 20% to 30% is a good number because you are doing the sales yourself and you have bought into the illusion that as long as you keep working on your marketing to book more calls you will get more sales. Whilst this can be true and I have to set the record straight here: I am a big believer in marketing strategy and how critical it is to attracting quality leads and building a successful brand.

What I find is that whilst so much time and money is invested in marketing strategy, little to no time is invested in sales strategy. This is why your sales are inconsistent, your team’s performance is inconsistent which leads you back to focusing on your next ad copy, email sequence, direct outreach, latest funnel strategy or favourite social media platform, to reinvent the wheel, to try and capture more leads. You have the leaky bucket syndrome – you are filling the bucket with water (leads) but the holes in your bucket drip the leads out because you are not focused on sales strategy.

The #1 reason to use a sales call script is to duplicate the success of your best salespeople which more often than not is the owner.

If you are a successful coach, agency or consultant doing your own sales; the first step to building a team is to create a script that will allow your new team members to replicate your system, processes and strategies and build their skills through your expertise.

If you are a coach, agency or consultant with your own sales team a script helps you create a reproducible strategy and create consistent results.

55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful.

The Brevet Group

Making sure that the people selling for you have the right skills so they can successfully convert your leads to High Ticket Program Enrolments is crucial. A Sales Call Script is a key part of any sales person’s toolkit to help build those successful selling skills.

You probably already have your own scripts and I hope they are bringing your success. 

But I would also suggest that you will not be disadvantaged by downloading my Qualifying Sales Call Script and taking advantage of my best ideas, my years of experience, my proven track record of a 70% High Ticket Strategy Session Closing and make more sales using this Script and the awesome sales strategies in it!

6 More Reasons Why You and Your Team Need My Qualifying Sales Call Script:

1. It’s An Easy to Use Step By Step Call Script Template

The call script is easy to use, provides a logical step-by-step framework that is easy to tailor to suit your business, your message, your ideal client and your sales team. An ideal template to add to your sales toolkit.

2. Jump on the Leads While They’re Hot

Our Qualifying Sales Call comes at the beginning of the selling process which allows your sales gun to reach out to the lead while it is hot and interest is high!

35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.


Doing a qualifying call before your strategy session also allows you an extra opportunity to build rapport and also qualify prospects early in the sales process to save you time and money by only offering strategy sessions to interested, coachable and committed potential buyers.

 If you call a lead in the first 5 minutes after they’ve submitted a web form, they’re 100x more likely to get on the phone.


3. Easily handle objections before the question is even asked

My Call Script features a series of cleverly worded qualifying questions that enable you to overcome the most common objections before you prospect can even ask them.

4. No Hard Close for You, Your Team or the Prospect!

This script is designed to discover the information you need to win the sale, it builds and demonstrates value throughout plus with those key qualifying questions in logical places there is no need for the big breath stopping close moment.

“You don’t need a big close as many sales reps believe. You risk losing your customer when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep the customer actively involved throughout your presentation, and watch your results improve.”

Harvey Mackay

5. Qualify Leads to Increase Your Strategy Session Conversion 

This script helps you to qualify the prospects, ensure they are a good fit and are coachable which means you will only be presenting your Strategy Session to qualified and highly interested potential clients. This script also helps you to gain commitment to a buying decision if the fit and the solution are there.

6. Ultimately Increase Your High Ticket Program Enrolments

Did I mention that I have personally used this Sales Call Script to close over 70% of High Ticket Sales? I use this script to do it consistently too. So have my past and present sales teams. My clients and their sales team use it too and they have also increased their High Ticket Sales Conversions to between 40% to 60% and they stay there!

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy of the Qualifying Sales Call Script here.

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