The Rinse & Repeat record sales month formula


Alex Alexandrou

The Rinse & Repeat Record Sales Month Formula: How to Craft an Irresistible Offer to Attract, Engage and Close More Ideal Clients

Your Offer is the most important asset of your business.

The more compelling and irresistible it is, the more successful your business will be.

With an Irresistible offer, you will easily attract, engage and close more ideal clients increasing your revenue and cash flow.

An Irresistible Offer is the first big step on the pathway to untapped potential, profits, and meteoric business growth.

What is an Irresistible Offer?

According to Michael Hunter founder of, “an irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy”.

Meaning that the value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost to obtain it. Or in other words, it is something your ideal client cannot resist and would say:

“That is just what I NEED!”

“I MUST have it!”

“It’s a “no-brainer, where do I sign?”

Why you need an Irresistible Offer

Are you getting fewer clicks for your Ad Spend?

Your ROAS keeps going down.

Conversions not hitting benchmarks?

Consultation bookings down?

Experiencing more no-shows?

Sick of low-quality leads?

Not closing sales?

Sales are inconsistent from week to week, month to month?

Revenue and cash flow aren’t where they need to be?

You need to RETHINK your offer.

Why Crafting an Irresistible Offer Is the Key?

The simplest way to answer this question is if you have an offer that your ideal client can’t refuse you will increase your sales and increase revenue.

This simple answer is correct but a compelling and irresistible offer will transform your business on so many different levels. 

The easiest way to explore this is to look at the metrics between a business with a commodity offer and one with an irresistible offer.

A commodity offer is one that is widely used and not meaningfully different from its competitors. 

A purchasing decision on a commodity offer is almost exclusively done on price, the lowest price at that.

MentorsOnline Irresistible Offer Difference Formula

So walking through the example comparing commodity and irresistible offers. An Irresistible Offer makes the following crucial differences:

1- Irresistible offers by their very nature are more appealing so create a greater response rate when advertising or in any other type of outreach.

2- With a greater response rate comes more sales consultation/presentation bookings.

3- A compelling offer will often improve show-up rates for consultations however for simplicity we have kept the show-up rate the same in this scenario for both the commodity and irresistible offer.

4- Regardless of no change to the show-up rate the Irresistible Offer generates more Sales Consultations from the simple fact you have generated more bookings.

5- With an Irresistible Offer that clearly demonstrates value above the cost and has no similar competing solution closing ratios increase.

6- With more genuine sales consultation bookings and increased closing ratios the end result is an increase in new client sales.

7- With 99% of the Clients I have worked with to create an Irresistible Offer that was a no-brainer for their clients to buy, we were able to increase the price to better reflect the value and scarcity of the product/service. We have represented this in the price field in the table above.

As I simply put it before, if you have an offer that your ideal client can’t refuse you will increase your sales and increase revenue.

If you have accurately priced your product/service and developed a suitable payment structure your Irresistible Offer should also increase your profits and cash flow.

That all sounds pretty great, right?

And when you say it all like that, it makes perfect sense. But the problem is that most business owners have potentially lost their way when it comes to reaching their ideal clients and don’t know where to start when it comes to recreating and re-crafting their irresistible offer.

Although you’ve all worked on your messaging and offer, and your ideal client at length over the years, the market and your competitors changed. The old methods to working this out and getting it right are now about as useless as a videotape. 

Targeting your ideal clients, that is a topic for another day. And with good reason, before targeting your ideal client, getting your irresistible offer right, is key.

And sorry folks, it’s not simple or easy – that’s why so many businesses don’t have an irresistible offer.

But it is worth it as we demonstrated with the metrics.

The first step on the journey of crafting an irresistible offer is knowing the recipe and I am going to help you with that today.

With this recipe, ALL the ingredients are crucial in crafting a truly irresistible offer for your business.

Irresistible Offer Recipe


1- Know Your Ideal Client, Your Market, and Your Competition

How well you know these three things the more compelling, engaging, and irresistible your offer will be.

One of the best ways to get knowledge and insight into all these things is to listen to recordings of your sales presentations or consultations.

Doing this also allows you to learn your ideal client’s language so you can re-inject it back into your sales presentation, organic, and paid outreach.

If you’re not asking the right questions in your sales presentation to get this information from the horse’s mouth you may also want to review your presentation to see if you could make it really resonate by asking better questions to uncover your ideal client’s present state, desired state, problems, motivations and the real outcomes they want and need to achieve.

If done correctly your ideal client will tell you exactly what they need to be sold to.

2- Outcomes NOT Features


Make your offer about your Ideal Client not about the stuff you sell. You need to craft your offer with a “what’s in it for them” mindset. Think outcomes not features. Describe the impact or effect on your ideal client when they work with you.

Focussing on outcomes allows you to inject emotion. Describe how your ideal client will feel when they have used your product or service.

Remember “People buy with emotion and then justify their decision with logic and analysis”.

There is a big catch here. The outcomes you are providing with your offer MUST be a solution to a real, current, and pressing problem for your ideal client.
If you are not solving a real, current, and pressing problem your offer will not be irresistible to your ideal client and you will struggle to attract, engage and close them.

Alex Alexandrou

As you can see here if you have mastered ingredient one knowing your ideal client you will not only be able to speak to them in their own language but enter the conversation in their head, not yours. You will make them feel UNDERSTOOD. Make them feel like you have the solution to their problem. You are on your way to an offer that is a “no brainer” for your ideal client.

3- Clear, Simple, and Easily Understood


Confused and uncertain people never buy so your offer should clearly and simply tell the purpose of your offer.

Be specific. Don’t pad out the offer with clever language. When working on any copy (Irresistible Offers included) I imagine trying to explain my offer to an 8-year-old. This helps me to craft a clear, simple, and easily understood message. 

Use numbers, dates, or percentages to portray specifics of the offer if they are meaningful to your ideal client and support the outcomes your offer provides.

4- Offer Great Value 


Value is harder to find in the digital-first landscape. Most businesses are trying to do the least amount of work for the greatest return. I think this may have occurred due to the large focus on scale when businesses first start out. Everyone is trying to run before they walk and value is getting lost in the skirmish.

Your offer must have huge value to your ideal client. If it doesn’t you will never have consistent sales and will be plagued with unhappy clients requesting refunds and posting negative reviews.

Michael Hunter from also said, “ An irresistible offer is about making the customer feel like they are getting maximum value for their dollar”. But I disagree with this as I believe this statement commoditizes your offer and makes it about price rather than value.

Instead, I would challenge that if your offer clearly communicates that you can solve a real, current, and pressing problem and get them the outcomes they desire and those outcomes outweigh the cost of your product or service because they can see what they invest in you will come back 5x 10x 20x times in sales, time-saving or other impactful benefits that will all increase their bottom line. Then you have established real value and are closer to crafting your irresistible offer.

What you need to tackle next is the point of difference or differentiation. If you add this ingredient you will make your product or service the only viable solution to your ideal clients’ real, current and pressing problem.

5- Differentiate / Point of Difference


This is where your research into your competition and again your knowledge of your Ideal Client really comes into play.

Ask yourself what you can do/take/give to offer more value than ANY of your competitors?

What is something you have that your competitors don’t, that your clients would see as valuable or imperative in solving their problem and achieving the outcomes they desire?

The aim here is to make your ideal client see you have the highest value offer or incomparable offer that helps you sell in a vacuum or category of one the resulting purchasing decision for the prospective client is now between your product and nothing.

I challenge you to take this one step further and aim to make your ideal client see that you have the best offer because you are the only business that can really solve their problem and give them the best outcome for what they are trying to achieve.

6- Bulletproof Bold Guarantee


Now it’s time to really look at your offer.

Put it under real scrutiny. Pretend you are a potential ideal client (to add an extra level of intensity to this exercise you could also put yourself in your competitor’s shoes).

What kind of doubts, concerns, and roadblocks might you have when considering your offer?

Then think about how you might be able to reverse the risk for your ideal client with a guarantee that will not only help you overcome objections but help you really stand out from your competition. A bulletproof bold guarantee done right will increase sales and build trust.

7- Explain Your Offer


The next two ingredients in our Irresistible Offer recipe really fall into the arena of your sales presentation. This is why we do things differently at MentorsOnline and suggest that once you know your market, ideal client and have crafted an irresistible offer you begin working on your sales presentation to help you craft clear messages before refining your marketing strategy. If you would like more information on this approach check out Rethink Your Sales Presentation Before Your Marketing Strategy.

Most offers even Irresistible ones you need to guide your ideal client through the buying process. You need to uncover their motivations, current state, problems, their desired state to ensure you can solve their problems and help them achieve their outcomes and desires. You need to tie their problem to your solution for all parties involved. This isn’t rocket science but it involves careful communication and strategic steps to clearly explain your irresistible offer. To do this for each and every prospective client you should follow a framework that is customised to suit your ideal client.

Overall your sales consultation or presentation should make the buying process easy, reduce friction and clearly explain all the relevant aspects of your Irresistible Offer.

7- On The Call/Spot Incentive


To increase the likelihood of your prospective client making a decision during your consultation or close to it you should offer an on the call/spot incentive or discount.

Examples include:

  • Sign on now to receive a special discounted price
  • Added bonus that’s only available now
  • Limited number of something for a decision
  • Provide a stacked or bundled offer
  • Trial free for a week or month
  • Don’t pay unless we get you results

Whatever the incentive, time is of the essence and you are rewarding a timely purchase decision. Doing this helps create a more immediate response due to the time-sensitive window. It also applies the scarcity principle.

Always act with the highest integrity and stick to your word. If you offer a time-sensitive discount or incentive, stick to it and don’t extend the terms. Doing otherwise will just degrade the trust and confidence with your clients.

So many businesses start out by doing the research into our market, our competitors, our ideal clients and crafting their compelling offer, and that information is saved on the business’s cloud and occasionally a marketing person might look at it. Most of the time the information is held with the business owner and they pass it on.

In our fast-evolving digital business world, we need to move away from this. It’s outdated and it’s not working for our businesses. We realise this when things start going wrong and marketing and sales just aren’t performing as well as they used to. By this time it’s almost too late and you lose all the momentum you worked so hard to build for your business. It can feel like you are starting out all over again and ‘oh boy’ that can be a big blow to your confidence.

At we use Our Ideal Client, Our Market, and Our Offer documents daily and we treat them like living, breathing, and evolving things that need to be nurtured. We are constantly working on them to make them better resonate to attract, engage and close our ideal clients. And we don’t work on them based on opinion or ‘feeling’, we look at our data and then make improvements.

If your business is not growing it is going backwards, maintenance is a myth it simply doesn’t exist. With that in mind, do the things daily that will help you keep growing your business.

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