Rethink Your Sales Presentation Before Your Marketing Strategy


Alex Alexandrou

Rethink Your Sales Presentation Before Your Marketing Strategy

When I was doing my research and prep for this week’s newsletter topic I came across a lot of articles that discussed the topic of What Comes First? No, not the chicken and the egg but Marketing or Sales.

Every single bit of information I read said that you must start with Marketing. Marketing feeds sales so without marketing sales does not exist. This is logical and correct. Sales needs leads and marketing provides those leads.

The problem in my experience is that Marketing is a hungry and demanding beast. Many businesses continue to invest all their time, energy, and money into getting a better result with their marketing. Their sales, forever left to last, trundles along with inconsistent sales results. The business then struggles with inconsistent revenue and poor cash flow and there is continuous bickering between sales and marketing: sales say marketing’s not providing quality leads and marketing says sales is mishandling our leads.

This focus on Marketing is not getting our businesses where they need to be and it is only getting worse.

Almost everyone in business today is struggling with their marketing, with lead generation in particular. If you ask a business owner what they need help with the most, you will hear responses like:

I need more leads.

I am paying more for fewer clicks. What can I do?

I need more appointments.

My ROAS keeps going down. Why?

I need more bookings.

My conversions aren’t hitting the benchmarks they once did…


One thing I know for certain is that the old ways of doing things are no longer working for Business Owners. Putting Marketing first and leaving sales till last is not working.

I am not suggesting that we need to swing the pendulum completely the other way and put all our eggs in the sales basket. I am suggesting we need to start looking at both sales and marketing together and as a team like they should be seen.

Sales and Marketing Should be Separate, Not Siloed but Aligned

I have mentioned before that there has been an alarming trend toward combining the functions of marketing and sales together as one entity especially with businesses operating online.

Marketing and sales have very separate and distinct business functions that require different skills sets, mindsets, and ways of thinking. Blending or blurring the lines between them just dilutes these business functions and makes them less effective and efficient.

We need to think of our marketing and sales as a relay team, passing the baton to one another to win the race. Each individual has a crucial part to play and has different strategies to employ to win their length but no individual can win that race by themselves. A relay team has to work together and each individual has to give their best for the team to cross the finish line first. Now imagine you put all your time, resources, and energy into only training the first few relay team members. Do you think that team would win the race?


But the topic of today’s article is not specifically about aligning your marketing and sales but about why you should rethink your sales presentation before your marketing strategy.

The #1 reason you should do this and why you should keep reading this article is that if you refine your sales presentation first this will help you immensely to develop a winning marketing strategy that cuts through the noise and resonates with your Ideal Client.

4 Competitive Advantages Rethinking Your Sales Presentation Gives Your Business

Because so many businesses focus on marketing, marketing makes an impact on sales and the way they operate but it isn’t always a two-way street. Information about sales and their interaction with ideal clients quite often doesn’t get back to marketing.

Successful businesses (the ones that aren’t struggling to get quality leads, genuine sales opportunities, or close more ideal clients) create a two way street between sales and marketing and make sure information from sales gets back to marketing and is used to create timely, relevant, compelling and engaging messaging that is standing out and getting results in hyper-competitive markets.

Rethinking your sales presentation can help you get on this two-way street and will give your business and your marketing the following key competitive advantages:

#1 Ideal Client Focus

Marketing interacts with your market but rarely interacts with Ideal Clients. Working on your sales presentation will help bring your sales and marketing focus back to your Ideal Client. Marketing can get key insights into your ideal clients’ real, current and pressing motivations, problems, desired results, and outcomes. In reviewing and refining your presentation your sales team will make sure they doing this in the best way possible to win the sale. 

#2 Be More Persuasive

Marketing is all about identifying and fulfilling ideal client wants and needs whilst sales is about persuading customers to buy. Sales have a vault of intelligence on what works best to persuade your ideal client to buy based on their wants and needs. To better attract, engage and close more ideal clients make sure this intelligence is captured in your sales presentation so successful persuasion is replicated by the entire sales team and provided to your marketing team to develop more persuasive messages and copy that will stand out for your ideal clients.

#3 Build Relationships and Trust Faster

Sales are all about building rapport and relationships. Everyone knows the saying “If people like you, they are more likely to buy”. I like a quote from Zig Ziggler a lot better “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you”. Your successful salespeople need to make your ideal clients both like and trust them to get the sale and are following a process to do this with every interaction. Rethinking your presentation will ensure you have the best process in place to do this across your sales team and what a beneficial lesson and amazing insights your marketing team can learn from your sales team.


#4 Close More Of Your Existing Opportunitunities

Rethinking your sales presentation and creating the best possible version for your ideal clients based on a collaboration of your entire sales marketing team is going to increase your sales conversion ratio especially if you get expert sales advice on your presentation. So a major competitive advantage of rethinking, revising, and refining your sales presentation is that you will close more of your opportunities. Inject everything your marketing could learn from your sales presentation into refining your marketing strategy well you are on your way to attracting, engaging, and closing more ideal clients.

3 Things to Do Now to Start Engaging, Attracting & Closing More Ideal Clients

There are 3 things you can do today to align your sales and marketing and start engaging, attracting, and closing more ideal Clients.

#1 Work Together on Your Market, Your Ideal Client, and Your Irresistible Offer

Every business should have documentation and research on their Market, their Ideal Client, and their Irresistible Offer. These documents should be used regularly in both marketing and sales. I also recommend that because our ideal clients and our markets are changing and environments so rapidly these documents should no longer be set-and-forget but living, breathing documents that are updated and refined regularly.

The businesses that work on these documents with their marketing and sales usually have real irresistible offers and more compelling and enticing messaging that resonates with their ideal clients making them feel understood.

Working on this as a team will better align your marketing and sales and also improve the business functions of both areas.


#2 Sales Presentation Recordings Should be Shared

Marketing should be given access to sales presentation recordings so they can reinject intelligence from prospective client interactions into their marketing messaging.

Listening to these calls will help marketing better understand the ideal client and speak in their language in their marketing outreach.

#3 Involve Marketing In the Refinement of Your Sales Presentation

If you take my recommendation to start rethinking your sales presentation, consider directly involving your marketing team so they can move quickly and easily to reinject what they learn into their marketing reach.

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