Alex Alexandrou

We all know with the world economy the way it is, we are continually being bombarded with the message of economic doom and gloom. 

It’s the old Chicken Little story…”The sky is falling in…”

Whilst I do not want to dismiss that… times are getting tougher, this only gives us all a different set of challenges when it comes to sales and selling. Whatever way you look at it, we all still need to be lead generating, selling and converting at the highest possible rate, and aim at improving our percentages every week, month, and year.

Interestingly, though, any salesperson who is following a proven system will continue to convert at a higher percentage every year. 

That’s a fact! 

And the bottom line is, we are all involved in sales when we’re in business to a greater or lesser degree. 

Choose to be great, not less!

What do you really need to be focusing on? 


  1. Influencing the behaviour of your prospects given whatever frame of thinking they are coming from AND
  2. Changing this response and behaviour.

Ok, you may be thinking…isn’t that a form of manipulation? It is, if you honestly cannot assist in delivering the results that they need or solve the problem that they have.

A great seller adapts and changes how they approach the sale and the strategy they use given where the prospect is coming from. 

The process or system doesn’t change, it’s the approach that changes. I call this the “Connection Influencer.”

Let me digress for a minute…recently, I discovered these two facts, and I was surprised … 

44% of salespeople don’t close the call effectively while 80% of salespeople give up once they face more than one objection.

… Are you reading what I’m reading?  

44% of salespeople have an 80% probability they won’t close the sale. 

Too often salespeople give up after facing more than one objection … despite data proving that multiple attempts are required. For us though, we use a totally different proven strategy that gets us over a 70% closing rate.

Fact is, persistently asking the right questions and coming from a place of empathy when you know that you and your organization can really make a difference is one of the strategies that fuels our business. 

Ok…back to the story…

Now, I’m not suggesting that you hard sell someone into something that is not for them, far from it. That would be unethical and wrong. I’m talking about shifting thinking when a prospect is “stuck” in an irrational mindset that is blocking them from getting what they really need and what you have to offer.

You may find prospects are hesitant to make decisions, they get stuck on price. They become frozen in a place of fear at times, not being able to see the forest for the trees and worried that they just may get it wrong and make a bad decision.

Let’s face it, we all have.

When you get a prospect like this it comes down to one thing and one thing only…you have a “wanting” selection process and you have people in front of you that should not be. 

We can talk about them being fixed on price, wanting to shop around, being hesitant to make a decision, however bottom line for you as the seller is that your selection process for prospects should ensure that this person NEVER gets in front of you, until they are committed and motivated to make a change, both in what they do and the results they get.

When you do get the right prospect in front of you, make sure you drill deep and ask questions…even the painful and frustrating ones.

Make them acknowledge the pain and frustration they are feeling in their current situation.

Get them to commit and voice their need to make a change.

Grow your relationship with them, establish trust early in the connection so they are open to sharing with you what they are really going through and experiencing.

Then, once you’ve heard their story, differentiate yourself from everybody else, reassure them with what you offer and how you guarantee this.

Importantly always be lead generating, asking for referrals and sharpening your saw!

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