How You Can Differentiate Your Business From The Competition


Alex Alexandrou

How You Can Differentiate Your Business From The Competition 

Owners of service-based businesses are telling me more and more often that they are swimming in a red ocean finding it harder to cut through all the noise and differentiate themselves, what W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne called Blue Ocean Strategy.

Some are struggling to get back to the lead counts that they used to get but almost all agree that lead quality has fallen off a cliff, which results in genuine sales opportunities becoming rarer and harder to obtain.

Revenue gets smashed, cash flows a headache, profits suffer because poor quality leads and sales opportunities create inconsistency, instability, and predictability goes out the window.

Advertising spend is becoming more expensive

You’re having to pay apps like Facebook much higher bids for Impressions Reached
(which is the eyeballs reached for advertising)

Response Rates are going down (this is the % of people who book (( CTR x Optin%))

Appointments Booked are either going down or the quality of people booking in to see you are non-ideal

Show Rates are down (these are prospects who show up for the appointment)
we are hearing ridiculously high levels of NO SHOWS from businesses, not in our circle

Appointments Showed rates are even BUT…

Closing % for most is way down (this is % of people who purchase)

Appointments Closed (this is # of people who purchase)

Prices of what you sell your products for are being driven down

Total amount of upfront cash collected, therefore, goes down

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) suffers as a consequence of all these metrics
which leads to loss of profit and inconsistent cash flow

Russell Brunson tells us to write copy that says it’s not your fault. Never blame the audience when reaching out to them but if we don’t blame the leaders or owners of the business, who should take the responsibility?

I’ll cover more about this in a second…


The one thing that I can tell you is that owners, directors, and CEOs have had enough of outsourcing marketing lead gen, outsourcing sales, buying trainings, done with yous and done for yous that promise full calendars and high sales conversion ratios only to find that months later the results just aren’t there.

They made money, you didn’t.

To call out the misbelief as Russell again tells us…

Here’s the BIG MISBELIEF Sales is a numbers game.

Taught to us by marketers whose job is getting leads (good or bad) and poor salespeople who just want leads not understanding about qualifying prospects properly. 

So based on that misbelief businesses just keep working on obtaining more leads believing that the sales will come.

Now, before your head does a full 360 on your shoulders, you start levitating and projectile vomiting the exorcist style.

Hear me out…

Coming from the school of Glengarry Glen Ross that there was no such thing as a bad lead, I used to believe the same thing.


But what I learned, the hard way was that a huge amount of leads or a fully booked calendar was not the answer to consistent revenue and cash flow.

Investing all my time, money, effort, and focus on lead gen only made me a burnt-out busy fool with little to show for it.

I had to find a better way.

Different from what everyone was telling and selling me.

Although you can make the list of problems you face in business as long as your arm, which just compounds the amount of stress you feel, we have found that all these problems originate from two major factors:

1) Not enough clients

2) Not enough cash, (which is the additional profit at the end of each month)


This is when I realised it is about effectively aligning marketing and sales using digital first-world strategies, strategies that just worked.

That’s how I built net 7-figure businesses for myself and my clients.

I built an entire new framework for my business.

Thank God I did…

I started attracting better quality leads, genuine sales opportunities, and closing more IDEAL clients by making them feel understood and providing an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

Best of all I was building consistent revenue and cash flow.

The things all business owners need.

The difference this made in my business was an ADDITIONAL $750k in profit for that year

In this article, we will cover all the core critical components and secrets I’ve learnt (from failing and succeeding) over 13 years to move you back into a blue ocean, and how we re-engineered marketing efforts to what I call ‘selling in a vacuum’, and dominating your market.


Like I said, today’s markets are so competitive and more businesses continue to flood into your market each day, making business owners feel like they are swimming in that red ocean where lead quality, sales opportunity, and winning more clients is becoming more difficult.

We all know that if your business isn’t growing, it’s not maintaining, it’s actually dying.

At a minimum, you’re supposed to be outdoing the inflation rate, but what you really ought to be doing is growing faster than your competition.

In this short but concise training, we need to discuss what the problems are, where we are commonly finding them, the reasons for the red ocean (getting lost in the noise, typically looking and sounding like all your competitors), and most importantly how to get back into blue waters again what I commonly call selling in a vacuum.

The core critical components and issues that we have found, especially of late are:

Businesses are failing to clearly communicate their point of difference to their market and are not effectively reaching their ready-to-buy ideal clients.

So, apart from not standing out from the crowd, owners are investing heavily (in their time and money), throwing anything and everything at the wall and hoping something will stick. 


Whether it’s organic or paid, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, whether it’s a lead magnet, appointment, video training, or webinar funnel it doesn’t matter…

If the message isn’t right you will never get the right clicks and attract your ideal clients.

Remember, good copy is all about how you make your ideal clients feel, how you enter the conversation in their head and making them feel UNDERSTOOD.

We’ve also found that marketing and sales are disjointed, creating an uphill battle to cut through the noise and align the message to the offer.

When selling to them, ideal clients are confused and presenting to poor quality leads and non-genuine sales opportunities put you in a vicious cycle of inconsistent sales, and poor cash flow.

And even if you have brilliant closers, sales will never be predictable.

As Business Owners we need to stop handing over this responsibility to others, outsourcing what we have because no one will ever understand you and your market as well as you do.


What you need is an expert in your corner, giving you the right advice, at the right time, and the tools to build your business.

You’ve paid for the done for yous, outsourced copy, funnels, lead gen, and sales, and where has it gotten you?

Worse than the little to zero return on investment, and ad spend, you ended up learning nothing.

Frustrating isn’t it?

I’m not saying that you need to do it all alone, but if you don’t learn what’s critical for success, success will always evade you.

As the owner of the business, you need the knowledge. The knowledge to manage, the knowledge to lead.

If you can’t develop a clear and compelling offer that is a no-brainer for your ideal client to select you because they can plainly see you will get them the results they are looking for, sales will remain inconsistent.

Most businesses focus too much on marketing and so little on sales that they don’t implement a plug-in selling experience that is not only enjoyable but removes any barriers for clients to buy.


Failing to inject a sales focus into your buying experience you miss the valuable opportunity to learn from client interactions and reinject that back into marketing messages and sales presentations to really enter the conversation in your ideal clients head and then provide an offer that would simply be insane for them not to buy your product or service.

Without this focus most businesses’ sales call framework isn’t a selling experience that allows you to quickly and easily disqualify poor fit people, save everyone valuable time and money and prepare for a highly valuable and engaging presentation for your ideal prospective clients.

Everyone uses the same canned scripts instead of customising the sales presentation to ensure it is engaging, compelling and provides the opportunity to close more sales on the call or close to it.

If you don’t know the latest and most effective organic and paid marketing strategies for lead generation how can you decide what strategies are best for your business to establish a brand with a fiercely loyal and engaged following?

You’ll never create a “crayon box simple” lead gen and ad system that provides a continuous stream of high-quality leads, that become genuine sales opportunities to close. Your appt setters will be frustrated, your closers will lose heart, and As the owner, you’ll never break through your glass ceiling.


There is so much more.

Too many businesses don’t know the right numbers, don’t set empowering goals, or work to the most effective plan.

Mindset isn’t dialed in and there is a lack of strategic direction that negatively affects growth and scale.

The truth is, all this can be adjusted within 90 days and results can start to positively impact revenue and cash flow very quickly.

What all this adds up to is the ability to amp up your lead acquisition, sell like masters, build the right systems, attract the best people, ensure that more money flows in than out and that you keep growing with confidence whilst always staying relevant to your ideal market, and being seen as the authority.

Working hard to generate leads that don’t turn into genuine sales opportunities so ultimately you’re wasting money, time, and frustrating both your sales and marketing people.

Sales complain marketing is not generating enough leads and that the leads are of poor quality, and marketing complain that sales don’t handle the leads properly.

Your leads are dwindling, your traditional marketing channels are just not working as well as they used to.


Marketing has changed so much over the years and it keeps changing so you’re not sure which marketing strategies, funnels, channels, etc. are best for your business.

Your lack of knowledge or confusion has you a little frozen in place when it comes to developing a strategy that just works and performs consistently.

Your salespeople start the week with full calendars then get no show after no show or they’re spending large amounts of time on calls with really nice people who just don’t buy.

You’re often stressed and anxious about what sales are coming in each month and the lack of sales results leaves you with sleepless nights wondering if the cash in the bank will cover the bills and other personal commitments.

All too often you invest time and money into training your team, only to watch them leave due to a lack of good opportunities.

You’re enviously watching other businesses that make being successful look so easy.

Those business owners don’t seem to spend as much time in their businesses or work as hard as you do!

Every day that passes you know that your market is becoming more and more competitive especially in this uncertain covid economy.

But you are overwhelmed trying to decide the right direction and steps for you.

Questions keep circulating around your head, is it me, is it my team, is it my marketing, my sales, my service?

You could stay in a red ocean drowning in all the noise from your competition not cutting through, not clear on what to focus or invest your time, money, and resources on – to get the results you need for your business now and in 2022.

Doing it all alone without anyone to bounce ideas off, provide advice, or mentor you.

Or you could get the roadmap, advice, and support you need.

Take control and start having better quality leads, genuine sales opportunities, and excellent sales performances that win you more IDEAL clients.

Attracting, Engaging, and Closing More Ideal Clients to increase revenue, cash flow and profits really doesn’t have to be so hard.


So if you want to find out more about creating a high-level offer, target your highest-value ideal clients, build a never-failing client acquisition system for your business, messaging that cuts through the noise and resonates with your ideal ready to buy client, create a custom made a highly engaging presentation to win more sales more consistently all to bring in more revenue and profit and say goodbye to inconsistent cash flow once and for all then reach out to me and let’s book a time to discuss it.

We’ll see if we’re a good fit and if we can help. If we’re not, that’s okay too, but at the very least you’ll have a clear roadmap of what you need to do, and most importantly what to work on next. Schedule Your Free Consultation.

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