Consumer Trends Your Business Should Know Going Into 2022


Alex Alexandrou

Sorry, I am going to say the BIG C again. 

COVID that is. 

We just can’t seem to get away from it! 

And 2022 won’t be an exception, our businesses will continue to feel the aftershocks of the BIG C! 

I am crossing my fingers and toes that they are just aftershocks for 2022 because although I know a lot of stuff I don’t have a crystal ball for COVID! The good news is that when it comes to the aftershocks of COVID they are not all bad. You just need to be aware of the trends to capitalize on the opportunities and pivot away from the threats.

COVID has created so many fundamental shifts in how we all look at ourselves, our nearest and dearest, and the world around us. These COVID impacts are not going away and will impact the way we live and work in 2022.

Today we are going to look at some key consumer trends (or perhaps I should just call them human trends) that could impact your business in 2022.

One interesting thing to note about consumer trends when it comes to business is that they are worth noting from two perspectives: one is your consumers of course and two what it means for your team, in terms of talent attraction and retention.

Let’s jump in.

Quality of Life Continues to Be a Key Motivator


When the world was sent into lockdown people around the globe began to reevaluate their lives and the priorities they placed on the different aspects of it.

People were forced to spend more time at home with their families and it seems the majority of people enjoyed it. Not the lockdowns but more time at home with the people they love rather than the people they are paid to see every day.

The impact of this is being seen in the continued demand for home improvement, home services, renovations, and puppy sales. 

What this means for business owners is:

  • Your consumers will be attracted by offers appealing to improving or maintaining quality of life and work-life balance.
  • Your current and prospective talent are just as interested in incentives like flexible working hours and working remotely as they are in a big pay packet (if not more so).

74% of workers say that having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company.


Greater Self-Awareness Drives New Behaviours


Greater self-awareness was born from the desire for a great work-life balance and quality of life but it goes well beyond that. Consumers have been reassessing their priorities, identities, and quality of life and have started making major life-shifting decisions on their assessments. Where in the past they may have only complained or dreamed of making major changes, consumers at the end of 2021 and into 2022 are making the leap.

We see this with consumers moving interstate and purchasing properties unseen. Or employees leaving well paid stable positions without a future contract because they simply don’t want to do it anymore! Their great grandfathers are rolling in their graves after living in an era of the “company man” where loyalty and longevity were his priority and identity. 

What this means for business owners is:

  • Our marketing and sales need to be consumer centric. We need to be in our clients’ heads and speak to them so they feel understood otherwise they will move onto someone who can because safety and familiarity are not as important to our consumers as self-improvement, self-actualization and the need for higher level fulfillment.
  • And our employees are no different. We need to tailor our HR, recruitment, training and development to the talent we want to attract and retain. We need to incentivize with self-improvement, self-actualization and the need for higher level fulfillment not just security and pay.

Consumers Are Always Shopping


Long gone are retail hours in our digital-first world. Our consumers are in an almost constant state of passive shopping.

What this means for business owners is:

  • A passive shopper needs a different message from an active shopper. We need to look at our messaging, organic and paid outreach to appeal to both our passive and active consumers.
  • We need to realise that our employees are consumers too, so could be passively on the lookout for their next role. As business owners, talent retention strategy should be a top priority in the years to come.

Consumer’s Fuses are Short


We are seeing this in all pockets of society, people have had enough and they are willing to walk. Consumers are no different. This trend in mentality is affecting business on a number of fronts.

What this means for business owners for both their consumers and their workforce:

  • Zero tolerance for bad experiences. In 2022 there will be no leeway with your clients or employees if you fail to meet their expectations.
  • Consumers and employees are dissatisfied in general and want to see improvement in their overall experience from businesses.
  • Consumers and employees will stop engaging if businesses don’t start listening to the feedback they provide. Feedback especially from consumers is harder and harder to obtain, if your clients are putting in the effort you should sit up and listen.
  • Business can no longer treat consumers or their workforce as commodities – it just won’t fly.
  • If you can develop real human connection in 2022 and make both your clients and employees feel heard and understood you will be a head of the pack.

Get ready 2022 is on the horizon and it looks like it will be the year of the consumer.

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