Avoid Becoming A Busy Fool


Alex Alexandrou

Have you heard the phrase Busy Fool? Or perhaps Too Busy to Innovate? Or Too Busy to Improve?

According to David Parrish you are a Busy Fool if you

“Avoid doing difficult things by occupying ourselves with trivial things. We deal with urgent trivia instead of what’s really important. Keeping busy like this allows us to avoid having to make important decisions.”

As you know, being busy and being effective in business are not the same. 

Most Coaches, Agencies and Consultants believe that having lots of leads and pumping more money into Ad Spend will increase incoming leads that result in more High Ticket Enrollments and paying clients. 

But it’s just not a straight line.

More leads does however equal –  more work – more strategy sessions – more no shows – more objections – more emails – being ghosted more often – talking to more prospects who aren’t ready or will never buy.

So what?

Whilst you and your sales team are BUSY dealing with all these leads, all the time wasters and prospects that aren’t going to buy, you aren’t doing the things you need to be doing to build and scale your business.

More! More! More!

You know you want more High Ticket Enrollments and more happy paying clients but before you go down the same old path of signing up for the latest coaching on Organic Lead Generation that gets you 100’s of Appointments like a Machine. 

OR the NEW Fang-dangle Sparkling Marketing Funnel that will 100X your Leads. 

OR before you pump even more of your profits into your Paid Advertising Budget that is steadily moving towards diminishing returns.

STOP! Take a breath. 

Ask yourself “Is More Leads the Answer” or am I becoming a Busy Fool?

If you think this is you and you do want to increase your High Ticket Enrollments, and you seriously want to grow and scale your business; you have reached the fork in the road and it is time to head in the direction of the road less travelled. 

It’s the Sales Road. 

The Road Less Travelled

It is less travelled because there aren’t 1000’s of coaches, agencies and consultants reaching out to you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. telling you to look at you and your team’s sales conversion, sales strategy, sales systems and sales skills. Everyone is focusing on the front or top of the funnel – the marketing and lots and lots of leads. Yeah, most will say they cover sales strategy and will give you the latest 10x Call Script with embarrassing and hard to do tactics to close your prospect like, “don’t say anything until your prospect speaks first.”

They don’t provide you with an automated step-by-step process to better qualify prospects early in the sales process to save you time and money by only offering strategy sessions to interested, coachable and committed potential buyers.

They don’t mentor you and your sales team in the skills that will enable you to easily handle objections before the question is even asked, meaning that you never will need a strategy for a hard close because you have a system in place that is always qualifying and outlines the value you offer.

They don’t work with you to best demonstrate your value and build demand through your Branding, Premium Pricing and Believing in What You Sell.

They don’t tell you to build your revenue, build your team, build your profits by increasing your sales conversion, by closing more sales. They don’t tell you that you can do all of this and not have to work hard. In fact you can do it and work half the time. But if you are like our most successful clients you don’t work half the time, instead you just get more time to do the best job you can do, and you will have the best program, the best customer experience and your company will begin to dominate.

What they will potentially give you is more leads and more hours of work. How hard do you and your team have to work to reach your high ticket program enrollment and revenue goals when the strategy is to pump up the leads?


It Sounds Too Good To Be True

Now you might be thinking, if this sales road is so awesome and it has all the answers. 

Why aren’t more coaches, agencies and consultants selling it? 

Why is it, the Road Less Travelled?

The answer is simple.

Because it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do and it takes years of experience to develop a system, a process, strategies, skills and tools that actually provide proven and consistent results.The MentorsOnline.Com team and I have spent the last 10 years building a step-by-step system with all the processes, strategies and tools to skill up entrepreneurs (and their sales teams). These entrepreneurs have all been committed to growing and scaling their businesses through building a successful sales engine with proven and consistent results.

Want to Take the Path Less Travelled?

We have helped 100s of our clients to consistently convert 70% of high ticket program enrollments using our 9 Step Sales Pathway designed specifically for Coaches, Agencies and Consultants and their sales teams. Our pathway focuses on the system, processes, strategies and tools to convert more of the leads you have. Our clients and their teams are not Busy Fools; they have the time, freedom and headspace to be the best they can be.

If you are reading this and are ready to start down the road less traveled and want to take a look at this highly converting process. Book a free synergy call with us. Book Here.

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