10 Signs A Prospect Is Uncoachable


Alex Alexandrou

Don’t waste another minute of your time or an ounce more of your insight on uncoachable prospects or clients!

As Bill Campbell wrote in the Trillion Dollar Coach:

“Only coach the coachable.”

Life is too short and your time too valuable to waste it on the uncoachable. You can’t do your job and get the results you want for your clients if they are not willing. Trying to convert them will only drain you of more time and energy.

Having personally done more than 1,000 strategy sessions and sales calls (and that number isn’t inflated) I have had to learn this lesson the hard way. I have found myself making mistakes like over-selling because I knew I could get them a great result if only they were willing to give it a go. I also took it upon myself as a personal challenge to win them over (oops my sales ego got in the way), and always regretted it when I succeeded, made them a client and had to work with them.

How many times have you done this only to realise that these were the clients that drained most of your time, were emotional vampires, fought you all the way, didn’t do all the work, took shortcuts, didn’t follow the process and blamed you for any subpar results. This wasted a lot of time and burnt a lot of money.  

After a lot of trial and error and post sales analysis I learnt the massive importance of qualifying well and looking for the signs that not only would potentially cost me the sale but more importantly find me the clients I really wanted to work with. So instead of trying to move the unmovable by trying to coach the uncoachable, here are 10 signs that you can quickly and easily determine if you have an uncoachable prospect on your hands. 

The 10 Signs A Prospect is Uncoachable

1. They say “I know” a lot

2. General tone is disagreeable

3. Don’t answer the questions – they want to create their own narrative

4. Wrestle for control of the call

5. Not engaging

6. They always find blame elsewhere

7. Aren’t able to take feedback

8. Unwilling to be vulnerable

9. Have a hard time changing their perspective

10. They think they are better than they are

Still not convinced 100% you should try and disqualify uncoachable prospects? 

Hubspot reveals in their 2021 Sales Statistics that:

“At least 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell.”

Give these 10 signs a try to start quickly and easily disqualifying poor fit uncoachable prospects that will only suck your time, energy and insights. Use the time and energy you save on developing content to help achieve results and success for your right fit coachable prospects and clients.

Want more tips like this to better qualify your prospects so you can spend more of your time with the types of people you got into coaching and consulting to help really find their success? 

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